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Friday, 19 September 2008

Today Be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Beth Ditto

A vast behind! Arrgh, it be a good day to be out on the ocean waves and that! Unless ye be gettin' seasick easily, ye scurvy landlubbers! Then ye might be better off just knockin' back the grog wi' yer mates, arr!

Here be a good place fer translatin' words, phrases or even yer full blog inter pirate speak: Pirate Speak. And here be the official ITLAPD site.

I be off t' a weddin' today, my niece be gettin' wed t' a landlubber, arr, arr, etc.

I be wonderin' if it be a themed affair? I'd hate to be the only one to show up in top hat and tails at a pirate wedding, they'd keelhaul me fer sure! Arrr!

Pirate Wedding

Be havin' a nice day now, ye hear?


Honey said...

i hope ye enjoy th' weddin'. an' thank ye fer th' link.
Ya lily livered lanlubber!

United Studies said...

Ack! You'll have to read my blog to see my take on this.

Sewmouse said...


Don't be fallin' overboard as ye sail back to port after the wedding, Matey!

Unknown said...

Mad! F*cking mad!

Have a great time!

Laurie said...

Aye! It be th' International Pastafarian holiday. 'Tis a great tide t' get married! Arrrr and RAmen.

Utter Basketcase said...

Really? A pirate wedding?!!!

Are you sure they didn't mean to say 'a private wedding?'

LMAO No joke! One of my mates in New Zealand got invited to what he thought read on the invitation 'A Pirate Party!'

But it actually read 'A Private Party!' He musta been pissed at the time!

ANy way he sure embarrassed himself bein the only one to show up in a pirate costume! heeeheeeeheeeeeeeeee xx

Daphne said...

(just wanted to say that)

Mr Farty said...

Honey - It were a lovely (lubberly?) wedding, thank 'e!

Jacki - It would have to be Arrrrr!-rated, wouldn't it, me lovely?

Sew - There be nothin' t' match the jolly grog! Hic!

John - 'twere that!

Laurie - Ramen to that!

Giggle - Brilliant! You got photos, right?

Daphne - No probs, m'dear!

--Mr Faaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrty