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Sunday, 25 April 2010

FO Condemns "Despicable Cult"

The Foreign Office has described as "despicable" a cult led by a former member of the Hitler Youth, according to a memo seen by Newsarse.

Nazi Piece of Work

German-born Joe Ratzinger, who leads a cult calling itself the Catholic Church, is reported to have turned down several offers to make his sect appear more tolerant and forgiving by carrying out some specially planned activities during his next visit to the UK.

One proposal suggested that the "Pontiff" could open an abortion clinic, a move which would undoubtedly have reduced the number of unwanted pregnancies in the country and indeed around the world.

Another idea put forward in the same vein would have seen the launch of "Benedict condoms", which were also intended to reduce the spread of "Bad AIDS". These would have been of crucial importance to leading members of his own establishment, known as "priests" and "bishops", whose duties include bumming choirboys and orphans.

A Joke Too Far

A Foreign Office spokesman who wished to remain anonymous said of the declined offer, "We invite someone into our country - a person like the Pope - and then he treats us in this way. I think it's appalling manners more than anything else.

"The whole idea of a church that rejects giving aid to people who suffer from AIDS is, quite simply, a joke that has gone too far".

The Bishop of Nottingham said he did not think Catholics would be upset by the memo as they "are used to getting a bad press".

"Just look at that whole Torquemada business," added Bishop McMahon. "He used to strike fear and terror into the hearts of the unfaithful, but you can't even mention the Spanish Inquisition these days without some wag yelling, 'Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!'"

Pope Should FO

Many leading mandarins in the Foreign Office have privately expressed the view that instead of wasting £20million on the proposed visit, their own bonuses and pensions should be topped up while the old Nazi fucks off back to Italy.


Unknown said...

We don't want him here trying to shag our children anyway!

Unknown said...

BTW,You made my blog!

Mr Farty said...

John - I'm honoured!

mepsipax said...

How dare you insult my religion. I will pray for your....ah who the hell am I kidding. I have been saying the catholic church is a cult for years. All that humming and chanting, responding without prompting.

Mr Farty said...

Mepsipax - They're nearly as bad as the Hubbardistas, but that's another post.

Unknown said...

Good job you can't spell Mr. F!

lady macleod said...

It would be funny if not so very true and sad. Yuk. good post.

Mr Farty said...

Lady M - So true, they even make the Tories look good.

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